Competition - 1st Place Prize
Shabriha, Lebanon
with Lana Barakeh

Drawing inspiration from the site’s context, the design highlights unity between the Palestinian and the Lebanese sides of the plot. The aim is to resemble the existing conditions of Shabriha, where Palestinians and Lebanese people live together in harmony with no visible divisions. Therefore, Metaphorical unity is created by breaking any rigid and formal circulation, forming flowing spaces that merge together and blur into their surroundings. 

There are two entrances to the site, each with a unique approach and circulation sequence. The first entrance is at the existing parking lot side, and is bounded by the football field and a newly designed fence. Facing this entrance is the triple Ghata, which is centrally located and offset to create two pathways, one which acts as a playground entrance for the kids, and another which leads visitors into the other parts of the design. At the beginning of the playground entrance is a meticulously designed jungle gym acting as a threshold that transitions one from the entrance into the playground area.  

The other entrance is approached using the existing stairs that leads you to the benches behind the football field. This entrance offers an alternate child friendly approach to the site, in the absence of cars, making circulation strictly pedestrian. Located at this entrance is an interactive plastic bottle wall, designed to encourage the kids to recycle their water bottles in a fun way. In addition there is a flexible shaded seating adjacent to another playground that includes a sandbox and swings. This area is covered with a roofing system made up of two recycled materials; plastic water gallons and potato sack mesh. Each sustainable material offers a different shading level appropriate to the area it is covering. A similar roofing system adjoins the triple Ghata. The recycled material used their however is plastic grocery crates, offering shade to the monkey bar area of the playground.